• Decreases the overall cesarean rate by 50%
  • Decreases the length of labor by 25%
  • Decreases the use of Pitocin by 40%
  • Decreases requests foran epidural by 60%
Sierra Delaney Patrick


While living in Charlotte, NC we got pregnant with our son & I was immediately in love with learning everything that I could about pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. The more I learned the more I became overwhelmed and amazed at the work of the woman’s body in this intense time period. I got a doula who helped me understand so much about the birth process and I could never have been thankful enough for the role she played in al-lowing me to have a birth I can look back on with fondness. Throughout this process she helped me realize this is something I could do myself for others! I then connected the dots between my previous interest in counseling and newfound love for pregnancy and birth and realized that being a doula would suit all my loves: helping people through HUGE life events & birth.

I am passionate about women feeling equipped and empowered to have the birth that they desire- medicated, unmedicated, planned, spontaneous, etc. As a Birth Doula I plan to help guide you through the pregnancy with education, support, and preparation for birth and postpartum. I will assist and encourage you through labor in the way that we decide would best fit you and help as you adjust to life with a new baby. My goal as a doula is for you to leave your birth empowered and encouraged rather than traumatized and confused. 

I would be so honored to support you & your family in this way and would love to discuss further!


  • BEAM Network Birth Doula Certified
  • Pre/Post Natal Nutrition Certified
  • Trained in the Bradley Method
  • Childbirth Education
  • Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and First Aid Trained

In my Doula services I offer Prenatal care,
Labor Support, & Postpartum Care in that includes:


During your pregnancy I like to meet 2 times. Each visit will be with you & your labor support team (spouse, family member, friend who will be with you supporting during labor). I want to get to know you, create a birth plan/preference, walk through comfort measures, and do some labor & postpartum education!


I provide constant support throughout the entirety of your labor & delivery. During this time I will help support and advocate for your wishes, provide comfort measures (physical & emotional), support the rest of the birth team if you have others present, and make sure that everything goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible.


I will stay for 1-2 hours post delivery (or longer/shorter as we discuss) to help with establishing breastfeeding if you wish to do so, as well as answer any immediate questions/concerns. After this I will follow up once you settle in with the baby to support you in your transition to postpartum in whatever way this may be helpful for you.


Nutrition Services are an additional service that I offer if you would like to add this on it would be customizable for you depending on your needs. This could look like a custom nu-trition plan for your pregnancy and/or postpartum along with information about what foods are nourishing for you in each period, or I offer meals to be provided for you and your family postpartum that are specifically designed to help you through the healing process.

*This is also a service I offer to pregnant moms who are looking only for nutritional services and not doula support.